The intent of this curricula is to offer a comprehensive and detailed understanding of Social Media Marketing. My hope is that completing this reading and these reflective practices will greatly enhance your business and the positive impact you have on the world through your work. Specifically, I want you to learn how to apply these principles and emergent technologies to your work.


I have a big, open hearted and inspired thank you that goes out to my teachers and mentors who have contributed to the ongoing development of this curricula.

Thank you to Patrick Schwerdfeger for teaching me the ins and outs of Social Media, where it has come from, where it is going, why, and all of the magical tools on SEO and how to leverage Web 2.0 to make business thrive.

Patrick is my teacher because he is an absolute genius in applying cutting edge technology to business and because he makes his phenomenal educational materials available to the world at rediculously low prices.

Thank you to Anne Evanston for breaking my activity online into measurable chunks that I can assess learn from, and for bringing together teachers from across the globe to educate me and keep me on the edge in my learning.

Anne is my teacher because she knows how to get and measure results through social media, because she is a powerful woman who embodies the archetype of the warrior in the business world, and because she is willing to speak the truth to anyone she meets.

Thank you to Tony Robbins for teaching me the core principles of achievement.

Tony Robbins is my teacher because he is committed to making the world a better place and making an impact like a meteor strike, leaving people empowered, fed and inspired in his wake.

A big grateful thanks to Eban Pagan for teaching me why it is key to be generous in my relationship with others.

Eban is my teacher because he embodies the sacred masculine in how he talks to others and how he teaches, because he is filled to the brim with confidence and willing to teach others with the overflowing wealth of knowledge and expertise that he brings through his work.


You already understand that Social Media is not a fad that will pass. You know the power inherent within it and are aware that if you do not learn and apply the tools available that you will quickly fall behind a rapidly changing online environment. These tools are to help you take the reins of your future again. My hope is that through the thorough utilization of Social Media in your professional life you will stay on the cutting edge. I want you to prosper, and I trust that you will share your wealth with other. I trust that you will recognize the impact that these tools offer you and that you will pay it forward.

Goals of this curricula:

  • An understanding of the present landscape of social media
  • An enhanced ability to apply it to your business
  • The creation of a clear, time delineated strategy for your future with Social Media
  • Skillful execution of your strategy and ultimate success in your venture.

How to use this curricula:

  • Note: 70% of this article is now the outline, which is currently about 10% embedded with links.
  1. Tell me what works for you.
  2. Tell me what needs to change.
  3. This is for you. Make it yours.
  4. Share this with at least 20 people with the “Share This” button


The Doorway Is here

Main topics and learning objectives:

  • What is Social Media?
    • where did it come from?
    • what are its foundational principles?
    • what are its components?
  • Setting yourself up for Success
  • Setting yourself up for Exposure
  • Optimizing your online presence
  • how can Social Media Marketing help you?
    • How can you generate traffic through social media?
      • Understand the principles of generating traffic
    • How can you access your market through social media?
      • Principle #1 – Engage your audience
      • Principle #2 – Participate in the conversation
      • Principle #3 – Content Dissemination
    • Implementation

Topics I intend to cover

  • What is Social Media?
  • Where did it come from?
    • teacher student interactivity
      • Keywords:

        • static
        • receptivity of the student is enhanced
        • hierarchy
    • peer-peer interactivity
      • Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0
      • Informative vs. engaging
      • Static Web Pages vs. Platforms for Interactivity
      • Hierarchy vs. a Level Playing Field
      • Google Algorithm vs. Aggregated Opinions of peers

    What are its foundational principles?

    • Key Principle – Aggregation of Information
      • opinions are aggregated
      • rankings are aggregated
      • how engaging something this is aggregated
      • Quality of opinions and rankings are aggregated
    • Key Principle – Self Organizing information
      • displayed
      • navigatable
    • What are its components?
      Social Networking Sites

      • Facebook
        • profiles
          • social streams are shared
          • select network
          • subscription must be 2 way
        • pages
          • anyone can see them
          • updates can be posted
            • updates are seldom read
        • groups
          • can be private or open
          • email notifications for up to 5k ppl
      • LinkedIn
        • professional site
        • 80% of job recruiters use this as a primary resource (Social Media Revolution Video)
      • Twitter

      Social Bookmarking Sites

      • Delicious
        • bookmarking site
          • bookmarks hosted externally
          • global bookmarks navigable
          • quality of bookmarking individual is auto-assessed
          • quality of links is visible and displayed
      • Digg

      Social Video Sites

      • Youtube
      • Viddler
      • Vimeo

      Social Audio Sites

      • Itunes (podcasting)

      The Blogosphere

      • Wikis
        • Wikipedia
        • VoodooPad – what I use for my Wiki needs
        • PBwiki
          • What is a Wiki?
          • What is Wikipedia?
          • How do Wiki’s serve as a collaborative tool for within organizations?
            • For relating to ones target audience?
    • Setting yourself up for exposure
    • Setting yourself up for Success – Eban Pagan on Keys to Success (video)
      • Communication
      • How important is non-verbal communication?
        • voice tone
        • body language
        • rate of speech
        • pitch of speech
      • How important is body language for affecting your state?
        • slumping vs sitting upright with an open heart
          • how this affects your mood
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • How can Social Media Marketing help you?
    • How can you generate traffic through Social Media?
      • Principles of Generating Traffic
    • Building Relationships
    • Attaining Expertise in your field
    • Accessing the Cutting Edge of Information
    • Demonstrating Expertise in your field
    • Pushing vs. Attracting
    • Slimy Salesperson vs Manifesting Agent
      • Engaging your Audience
        • Video Integration
          • why integrate video?
            • video as the richest media available
            • uStream as a resource for Broadcasting and group chatting
          • how to integrate video.
            • creating your own video
            • creating your own slideshow
          • Video for tracking your own goals and timeline
            • the Mindmovie as a Goal tracking tool
            • the Mindmovie as a Visioning Tool
            • the Mindmovie for changing limiting beliefs

            Viral Video

        • Content Dissemination
        • Implementation
          • Creating a Plan
            • Where will your research come from?
            • Where will you source your content from?
            • How will you disseminate your content?
            • How will you engage your audience?
          • Looking at the Absolute Positive
            • What is working for you already?
            • If that is working for you, what else is possible?
            • What positive impact are you having on peoples lives?
              • Who is already talking about this?
              • Where are these conversations taking place?
          • Looking at the Absolute Negative
            • Reason for consciously looking through this lens
            • What could go wrong?
            • How can you measure your success?
            • What are your failsafes?
          • Refining your plan
            • Making decisions from “inside the box”
          • Dreamlining – setting your plan to a Timeline
            • 1, 3, and 5 year goals
            • daily, weekly, and monthly action steps


      Most of these resources are free, and some have a nominal cost. They are all recommended.

      In addition to the live talks that I attend and the direct mentoring I receive, these resources have been the primary sources of my information.  I learn by applying these tools to peoples business and measuring the results.  If you want to learn this art and craft, watch all of the videos that are linked to in the text above and below this line.  Buy and study the books and audio cds, and read the articles.

      Welcome to the Social Media Revolution.  Your education directly impacts the way businesses operate, and directly forwards humanities shift in consciousness.  We will address that more in future writings.  For now, lets get on with your learning materials.

      • Read “Webify your Business,” apply these principles to your business and create a strategy and a business plan that includes
      • Read “Get Clients Now”
        • use these principles to refine your marketing plan.

      Understanding the potential of your web presence

      • Aesthetics
        • Check out this program for interactive video hosting

      This program is just the beginning, and I hope it helps. It should be complete in one month and will be offered for free as an eCourse. I will probably also hold some form of a group coaching call for folks who want to take Social Media on and Implement it themselves.


      Jonathan Haber