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•    social media marketing
⁃    I am capable of creating education based video marketing content and disseminating it through facebook in a way that increases the likelihood that it become viral, and therefore passive marketing
•    visioning, strategy and implementation
⁃    I am capable of facilitating the process of crafting a vision on the level of the tangible, measurable results, the systemic change intended, and the ways of being necessary to attain the desired outcome.  I am also capable, through this process, of illustrating the interdependence between these aspects of vision.  In addition, I am capable of assisting an organization or individual in hashing out a vision into specific, measurable targets within time specific parameters; 10 year, 5 year, 1 year, 3 month, 4 week milestones for example.
•    coaching and evoking personal excellence
⁃    I am capable of drawing from 4 years of experience to serve as an accountability buffer for tasks and projects, facilitating the organization of projects for individuals, and coordinating projects amongst peers.
•    collaboration
⁃    I am capable of working in collaboration with individuals to draw from the emergent intelligence available within an authentic collabortive atmosphere.
•    learning environment architecture
⁃    As my highest valued skill, I am capable of crafting experiential learning architecture that engages individuals and groups and draws from relational intelligence.  Relational intelligence is similar to the notion of emergent intelligence in living systems theory, it is the intelligence born from relationships between individuals, within groups, within larger social media platforms, between individuals and thier life experience and so on.  I am capable of sequencing experiential learning excersises that draw from different forms of intelligence and of bridging these practices to facilitate transformative learning that models living systems in its capacity to be informed by the multiplicity that each individual brings to the equation.
•    wordpress blog creation
⁃    I am capable of crafting simple Blogs on’s platform, from beginning to finish.
•    blogging and authorship
⁃    I am capable of authoring effective communications that illustrate the relevance of a given service or offering with a given target audience.
•    Interviewing, Conference Calls, Audio Editing and Podcasting
⁃    I am capable of interviewing key contacts, mentors and changemakers who operate at the edge of a given industry, asking powerful questions, illustrating key perspectives, recording the audio on a one on one interview or in a group conversation, editing that audio into educational marketing content, broadcasting that content through itunes podcasting functionality and also feeding it into “viral” marketing campaigns through Facebook.
•    Guerilla Marketing
⁃    I am capable of getting into the VIP entrance of relevent events and meetings of the minds with no prior planning, accessing key contacts and conversations and creating strategic partnerships that illicit new possibilities and access to new resources on all levels of an organizations needs.
•    Educational Video Marketing
⁃    I am capable of crafting educational content with video including conducting key interviews, editing content, crafting video messages and disseminating that content through social media platforms in a way that fosters “viral” marketing in its intent to grow exponentially in impact and affect.

•    My aim is to offer the full of my range of services and capacities to an organization that I believe will make a positive impact on the world.  I intend to give all of myself to such an organization, to collaborate with open mindedness and an eye for the desired outcome, and to celebrate our successes with those on my team today and with those who will inherit the Earth.


•    Integral Psychology – JFK in pleasant hill


•    Research into
⁃    viral marketing and its essential characteristics
⁃    web 2.0 marketing and its relationship with Guerilla Marketing principles
⁃    paradigm shift, especially investigation into the assumptions of the modern and post-modern mindset, with emphasis on how we can facilitate investigation of those assumptions
⁃    the architecture of the transformative learning environment; structures, intent, bridging and sequencing experiential learning practices, relational intelligence
•    Curricula Development
⁃    College level curricula development in the application of the above research in an academic environment which leans towards experiential learning and “teacher as facilitator” dynamics