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Optimization ‘Search Engine Secrets: Keywords and Simulpublishing’

Why do you need to know about keyword optimization?

Keyword optimization is rapid fire market research.  You get to keep your finger on the pulse of what people are looking for, you get to identify the raging rivers of internet traffic already taking place in a rapidly changing internet landscape, and you get to get in front of that raging river and open yourself as a tunnel… attracting it to your site.

From  Anne Evanstons perspective it seems that if you are moving away from the slimy salesperson approach and towards the manifesting attractor approach in your marketing the you are not directing folks straight to a landing page.  Rather, you are sending them first to an educational page where you are teaching them something valuable, and then inviting them to your landing page where you can close the deal.  This clarification comes from Anne Evanston, who’s work has been a forefront contributor to my ability to share this information.

This video outlines some of what I learned from Adryenn Ashley during her presentation at Anne’s workshop yesterday.

I hope these tools are helpful.  They will be added into the Social Media Marketing Curricula.

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